I Tried to Live on Minimum Wage for a Week – Gov. Ted Strickland – POLITICO Magazine

I know I’ll never be able to truly walk in the shoes of a minimum wage worker, but experiencing just some of the decisions this income requires on a daily basis is enough to understand that we need to do better for these hardworking families. It’s un-American that you can work and work and work and not get out of poverty.


I think it is Un-American that aubergine writings settle for a lifetime of Minimum Wage.

Improve Your skills, improve YOUR position in life.


Some readers will say Good Morning.

Happy Monday.

I will say Good Morning to All.

Today is the 28th Day of July in my 36th year. Just one day until it’s tomorrow.

I had a good weekend & Sunday. I’m pretty happy with what we accomplished. Even though I think my week’s are planned out shortly after getting my work schedule, you never can tell.

You get a text from a friend & your Saturday night gets crazy.


Went for a Bike Ride Sunday. I guess three, cause I stopped for a extended period of time after two. I talked to Melissa, we discussed stuff. The discussion was good.

You know how great it is to do things to accomplish a goal that is defined? To say I’m doing this to do this. This is different than my other personal goals cause it involves another person.

Some of the costumed workers insist Bishop’s actions are his own. http://ow.ly/zEjDP His actions are his own, ALL the costumed workers should say.

The word of the day is favonian which is pertaining to the west wind.

How much freedom? 

How was your weekend?

What are you looking forward to this week?