Good Partner

Now this is a Good Partner.

A Partner is a Boy/Girlfriend, Significant Other, betrothed, Domestic Partner, Husband/Wife.

So a Husband (in this case) comes in & says my wife likes the Jelly Doughnut with chocolate spread on it. NOW we don’t have that doughnut. We have a jelly doughnut covered in sugar, A Bavarian Cream covered in chocolate, A Bavarian Cream, Lemon, Vanilla, & Chocolate covered in powered.

He was like NOPE she don’t like that, I’ve got to go somewhere else.

Now that my friends is a good partner.


Good Afternoon,

We went to see Lucy last night.

I’d give it two stars out of seven stars.

Lucy had an overdose of drugs, thanks to the illegal smuggling trade.

She starts to access more of her brain. But knows she is dying & needs to get this to someone.

She builds a new supercomputer & downloads all her knowledge onto a USB stick.

There are snipers, tattoo artists, prior getting stabbed in both hands, crybabies who get shot, a long high-speed drive through Paris.

I wouldn’t go see it.

The preview for let’s be Cops is funny #LetsBeCops

Umh Yeah

Oh what a boy’s night out last night.

Goode Morning & Happy Sunday.

We had a boys night out, things got crazy.

We all got Slushy

We were home by 2200, we’re a bunch of crazy kids.

Today is the 27th Day of the 7th Month in my 36th year.

We’ve got work in about 1 hour & 20 mins. Then we are going on a bike ride.

Simple day.

What are you doing today?