You should never think you have it too good out too bad.

Life can throw you a curve ball in a second.

Are you ready to bunt, hit, strike, foul, or catch?


Are you rousted to a journey?

Good Morning & Happy cramp relief.

Today is Tuesday the 22nd Day of the 7th month in the 36th year of me.

I got a cramp in my lower leg while sleeping. I thought I drank enough water. I took a shower, ironed, & relaxed on the coach after riding 14.97 km’s yesterday. Yes I’m kinda disappointed that didn’t work out to be 15 either. But I did 5 additional as well. Today I’ll be over 20 for sure.

The word of the day is laden which is burdened; loaded down

I got to wake up to this inspirational thought.
image Thanks Mandi & the rest of the internet for sharing.

I had a good time at Crescent Moon Alehouse yesterday. This Monday Night Drinks could be a think.

Work was fine, although I went over 10 hours. Workplace Administration Problems. It works out well for Vernon J as this will ease the 8 hours I have to do Wednesday.

I’ll be doing another 10 today. We play Bocce ball at 1800 today. Come on over to Midtown Crossing & join us.

How was your Monday? Did you merry anyone new?