Apparently the ‘love locks’ crap is spreading.


B. I reported it to the city.
C. If you really must express ‘your love’ on a fence or bridge. Build it yourself than attach a lock.

D. You’ve aggravated me.

E. I’ve dealt with it.

Quite a Bulb

Oh what a great way we live,

Good Morning & Happy National Peach Ice Cream Day.

We’ve got to live our life for yourself, your closet non-you, your family & friends. NOT for other people. Just riderunlaugh, & scream if you want to.

Today is the 17th Day of July in my 36th year. Looking forward to 6 hours & 17 mins at ‘big job’ today.

Apparently the internet is offended by Bethenny.

The 43-year-old was met with all sorts of criticism from commenters claiming she was promoting an unhealthy body image, and even accusing her of “competing” with her daughter.

Click here, now I don’t watch these shows cause they are a use of my time I don’t want to use. BUT I’ll tell you one thing, you people who were ‘criticizing’ her need to grow up.

Apparently this is a lightbulb. I’m questing the heritage of this bulb.

The word of the day is tautology which is needless repetition of an idea.

Okay so the meeting wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. I just had to remember that I was being paid to be there. That’s the 1/2 full that in suppose to share.

I got caught up on my 4 & pending cases. My quality requests were done. So we’re good.

Did you know you are suppose to tell people when your A– is a Smart One? I found that out yesterday. So from here in out, let it be known. That Vernon J of the 1979th year of our Lord is a smarta–

I’m off work now.