My Soapbox

Prepare yourself for commentary.

Good Morning & Happy Spark Plug Changing Day.

The first two sections will be me expressing a political opinion. BUT you should already know this.

Today is the 12th Day of the 7th Month of my 36th year.

I’m going to post these in the order they were posted on less quality social networks.

You have to be at least 18 to buy this. Happy #FNP! Stop doing drugs you terds. I’m tired of this site state your age business.

The word of the day is shoat which is a young pig.

from another one

    in response to the Steven Spielberg story from

In this case that is 100% true. But we have to stand up for those who are ‘offended’ even though in some cases … Being Offended is a personal choice & see picture. I know people get offended, but it seems like now they run to the media & expect some kind of action to be taken. It upsets me quite a bit. #Sometimes

Work was good. After work was good went to the pool & chilled with friends & neighbours.

Chilling now.

Talked to Melissa & we discussed important things like we should.

How was your day?