2 degrees more.

Ah its Thursday. The 1st day of the #weekend. Let the weekend swagger conmence. That’s about 2 more degrees of sway to the left or right than on Sunday – Wednesday.

Happy Morning.

Going to be a great day for Team Vernon J.

Today is Thursday the 10th day in the seventh month in my 36th year.

The missing item isn't food

Work(s) was amazing yesterday. I provided funny customer service at the donut shop. Well the customer laughed so that means funny, right?

The word of the day is grok which is to understand.

Today is laundry day & I’m okay with that. I’ve got to work 13.87 hours at First Data the rest of the week. Go onto Dunkin’ Donuts at 1800 today, 1600 tomorrow, & some time Saturday & Sunday. Check the calendar.

U Can’t Touch This is playing now.

Have a good day.