Who is inspiring you?

Good Morning & Happy Tuesday.

My inspiration are people who have made it. Personal goals accomplished. Professional goals accomplished. I’m getting there.

Today is the 1st day of July in my 36th year.

Yesterday inventory was done. Didn’t take an hour, I left about 20.56. That’s alright, cause I got to talk (texting) to Melissa.

The word of the day isĀ dactylogram which is a fingerprint.

Bocce ball returns today. We are Bocce Buddies & we’ll be wearing black. Come down to Midtown Crossing to watch is play.

Today is my short day, visit my Dunkin’ Donuts calendar to see when you can stop by for a visit. Of be happy to serve you.

Here’s the 3rd to last picture took.

Have a fun day.