End of this era

My friends are better class of people.

Good Morning tallies.

They come over & leave beer behind.

Today is the 31st Day of July in my 36th year.

Been up 1 & 24. So far so good.

Yesterday was a good day.

Work, relationships, living. All good times.

The word of the day isĀ shtick which is one’s special interest, talent, etc.

The event of last night was Legen… (freaking) wait for it. frigging …dary. I of course speak of Sharknado 2. It was funny as all get out & shut the front door. The number of cameos & who did them was ridiculous. Matt Lauer Can Suck It really didn’t want to say Sharknado, he did eventually.

Totally worth the buildup. As Nick said, get ready for #SN3.

Today we have 6, 6.5, or 7 hours of work. I’m going to see Guardians of the Galaxy. The earliest show is at 1300 at Aksarben Cinema. I have to work at 1600, so I’ll see if I have time. If the time table works itself out, I’ll work 6.5

I changed my mind. I’ll be working 6 tomorrow & time for math. 40 – y+6 = x. X is for how many hours I’m working today. I’ll know in 30 to 360 mins. I’ll pay in twitter between 0800 & 0900.

What are you doing this weekend?

*break time edit*

I’ll be leaning at 1341. 7 hours exactly.

Good Day

Good day at work.

Excited for #Sharknado2

The word of the day is gibbosity which is a protuberance or swelling.

The Many U.S. Presidents Before George Washington

The other #POTUS