Easy Day

Today was an easy day.

Good Afternoon & Happy Toes.

Work 7 hours, Get some tips. http://instagram.com/p/pjtnSaniUQ/

Today is the 22nd day of the 6th month in my 36th year.

Woke up this morning before the alarm went off. Had breakfast, went to work, came home watch the race.

Went to Taco Bell to get the new Quesarito, which apparently sounds like Quesadilla. That’s what I walked away with. I’m not saying it is a failure, BUT IT IS.

The word of the day is arsy-varsy which is the wrong end foremost; completely backward.

Got some ironing done, cause wrinkles aren’t cool.

Excited for this upcoming week. Work everyday, BUT Saturday. I’m going to Hastings for the NEGOP Convention.

What’s your week like?

Quotes from the World for June 22nd

Sometimes we have to go through the darkness alone, before we can see the light.

Adele Comandini
Adele Comandini. Edward Sutherland. Michael O’Brien (Charles Winninger), Beyond Tomorrow, to the spirit of one of his partners, who has joined him at the gates of Heaven (1940).

Original story by Mildred Cram and Adele Comandini.