I really do LOVE Monday.

Good start to the Morning.

Even when I read stories that confuse me first thing. (See below).

Today is the 30th & Last day of June in my 36th year. Today is also Chris’s Birthday. Happy Birthday Chris.

Work will be anywhere from 10 – 12 hours today. 9.58.6ish at First Data. Follow me on twitter to see when I leave. Then it is inventory day at the donut shop, about an hourish. #shoutout to Regan who came to the store while I was working.

The word of the day is rident which is laughing; smiling; cheerful.

As a sidenote. Yeah Boy.

A busy week for this guy. I work everyday this week. 10 shifts. Thanks to the Birthday of my country I only have to work 32 hours at First Data. I have scheduled 25.5 hours at DD. W 1600 – close, T & F 1800 – close, S 0700 – 1400. Stop by for a drink or two.

Here’s that smile that I talked about.

Put that gear in

I’ve got to put that gear in, of course I don’t know HOW to do it.

Good Morning & May you be a blessing to someone.

The bike shall be fixed today after work.

Today is Sunday the 29th Day of June in my 36th year.

So we got the gear put it, but it still did not start. This is annoying & I don’t appreciate at it one little bit.

The word of the day is smirch which is to discolor or soil.

I had a good day at work, got $6+ in tips today.

This is important for you to know.

I’m going to have some Ice Cream now.

How was your Sunday?

Offended Beliefs

If your beliefs and practices offend but do not otherwise affect me, I will not interfere with them if you will reciprocate regarding my beliefs and practices.

I think that is a great line from the article about ‘being offended’

That’s some Good Fish

That’s some good blackened salmon at the Iron Skillet.

Good Evening from Hastings.

We stopped there for dinner on the way back.

Today is Saturday the 28th day of June in my 36th year.

It was amazing weekend in Omaha —> Hastings.

Worked 2/3rds of my job on Thursday. Worked my 6 hours 11 minutes on Friday. Came home took a little nap. Had a meeting them went to Hastings.

The 2014 State Convention was there. Here are some photos from today.

Also Friday Night Team Vernon J was expanded by at least 1. I would like to introduce y’all to Melissa.

Stayed tuned for more information. #0529

The word of the day is clement which is mild or merciful in disposition or character.

New I’m chilling at home. I did and ironing. I’m watching racing.

Quotes from the World for June 27th

Error is to truth as sleep is to waking. I have observed that one turns, as if refreshed, from error back to truth.

Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe
Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe (1749–1832), German poet, dramatist. Art and Antiquity, V, 3 (1826).