Quotes from the World for Wednesday 10/30/MXIII

Our children need to be able to see us take a stand for a value and against injustices, be those values and injustices in the family room, the boardroom, the classroom, or on the city streets.

Barbara Coloroso
Barbara Coloroso (20th century), U.S. parent educator and author. Kids Are Worth It, ch. 9 (1994)

You’re on Notice

The lights are back on, THE LIGHTS ARE BACK ON!

Good Morning & Happy Wednesday. Today is 10/30/V3.4 & it is the penultimate day of October MMXIII.

Yesterday was a good day, got to ‘talk’ to my friend after I got home. Always bring a smile to my face.

Raheem would like to sing you a song – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-6UQY7PjODA

The word of the day isĀ obsequy which is a funeral rite or ceremony.

As I’ve declared on the 2nd & like 5th noisy popular social networks. Today is going to be a fun day. I’m not sure why, but I’m laughing & smiling.

Today is my 3/4ths day. Team VJC was suppose to go to Kansas City so I took Saturday off. We are going to Lincoln instead, I’m still taking it off. It is Corey’s Birthday. He is the C. So Friday night Lincoln you better inform your daughters that they will have choices.

I want to discuss the Fremont City Council meeting. But the only person who cared to comment yesterday lives in Austin. I posted a picture of the reporters take on it. I’ve read the wrapup from Omaha.com, so I guess I’m crafting a response to the issue. Don’t worry the City Council members won’t look good.

Well here’s to me, you, & them having a fun day.


“Restrain, O Lord, the human pride That seeks to thrust Your truth aside Or with some man-made thoughts or things Would dim the words Your Spirit sings.” Amen. (LSB 585:5).