Oh, what do you like

Maybe I should ask what do you like?

Good Morning & Happy Sunday. Today is Sunday 10/27/V3.4 & it is a potato day.

So it is a relaxing day. I watched a movie Get Over It (2001) – IMDb, that about doubled its budget. I can’t say if that was a success or not.

The word of the day is phrenology a theory based on the belief that mental faculties are indicated by the configurations of the skull.

Make a GREAT Day.

My Evening Report

FREE bacon, yeah you read that right.

So as we are going into Dubliner’s Pub there are several people outside offering free bacon and pancakes. I take interest because you know it is free bacon.

So I’m there chatting with Sara and eating free bacon. She informs me of her last name and I proceed to ask if she is related to Lindsay (of the same last name). She says she is related to her, they are sisters.

Small World & all because of bacon.

These leads me to my hashtag of the day. Hashtag of the Day | The Official Blog of Vernon J he worked though bacon today.

The word of the day is kelpie which is (in Scottish legends) a water spirit, usually having the form of the horse, reputed to cause drownings or to warn those in danger of drowning.

I had a fun evening out celebrating Melissa’s 27th Birthday.