Quotes from the World for Friday 10/25/MXIII

You can’t write about people out of textbooks, and you can’t use jargon. You have to speak clearly and simply and purely in a language that a six-year-old child can understand; and yet have the meanings and the overtones of language, and the implications, that appeal to the highest intelligence.

Katherine Anne Porter
Katherine Anne Porter (1890–1980), U.S. short-story writer, novelist. Interview in Writers at Work, Second Series, ed. George Plimpton (1963).

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Earlier this week I thought: I can’t wait for it to snow. WHAT?

After I went to bed last night I thought: Crap I washed dishes yesterday.

Good Morning & Happy Friday. Today is Friday 10/25/V3.4 & it is Janece & Jeremy’s Birthday.

Today is going to be a great day. I got up early today. I had a good breakfast, the morning routine went well. Listening to Lady Gaga & Taylor Swift on Google Play Music.

The word of the day is yoho which is (used as a call or shout to attract attention, accompany effort, etc.)

Today was an easy decision about what I’m wearing. It is HOCKEY day in Omaha. UNO Mavericks vs the Cornell Big Red. This passionate fan will have extras cheering power today. GO MAVS