My Evening Report

Things got crazy last night, if you are reading this after midnight, or Monday Night.

I left work 1 half hour early. Aside from an incident early in the day, everything was fine. Peeling the orange was a little tough, my thumb nail wasn’t as great for peeling. It sorta hurts right now.

Got Home. Wash Dishes, made a pizza for dinner. Then we went out and had some fun at Crescent Moon Alehouse.

We brought some beverages, that gluten free water was just what I needed. VIIX1979 on Instagram. Don’t underestimate a good water.

There was suckers involved & Gina got her favorite sucker. I also ordered 5 tacos on accident. Thanks to Jim for eating 4 of the tacos.

So the Mountain Man Nut & Fruit Co. came to work and sold there goods today. Gourmet Dark Chocolate Looking forward to enjoying this. BUT apparently I need to get a pair of scissors to open this package.

I promise not to run with the scissors. Safety first.

So we have a choice to make, it really isn’t that hard.

I want you to have a wonderful sleep and morning in this crazy world.

Wanna Play

Wanna Play a game?

Today is Monday 10/21/V3.4 & it is the 3rd Monday of the Month.

The game is called life, it starts with a hug and a kiss. Then there is a very sutble dance, that can takes hours, days, months, or years to get to Act II.

Apparently The United Mexican States is sending a Diplomatic Note to The United States of America. Oh, you wanna step this up UMN?  Mexico Condemns Reported US Spying on President – ABC News I think you can send more than that. This is can be like I’m counting to Ten or Estoy contando hasta diez.

The word of the day is analysand which is a person undergoing psychoanalysis.

Yesterday was a very fine day. Fine, FIne, FINe, FINE day. I was told that I should sing in the choir. I’ll take that as a compliment.

I’m listening to Breakin’ All The Rules by Ozzy Osbourne. I mention this because yesterday ‘rules or no rule‘ was discussed. I was in the that’s not a rule brigade. The other side had some valid points. But before you start to scream apply the cream.

So I’ve decided to quit chips at lunch. I’ve got some popcorn, it is a nutrition thing. Giving up the fat level that comes with the chip. It IS personal.

What’s the difference between freezer & non-freezer storage bags?

Vernon J