Cough, Sneeze, Eyebrow Twitch

Did you cough, sneeze, or twitch your eyebrow?

Good Morning & Happy Monday,

WAIT I might actually like this commercial, cause the Ninja is about to burn your $600 Vitamix blender.

Today is Monday 10/14/V3.4 & it is Jeremy’s Birthday.

So it is suppose to rain today. I’ve heard there is a 14 in 20 chance of that happening. Are you prepared?

So weekday is going on this nth week of 2013? There has been no changes to my previously announced schedule. Although with a swipe of the finger that could change.

The word of the day isĀ solipsism which is Philosophy, the theory that only the self exists, or can be proved to exist.

I’m where I’m going to be later today. I think that was a dream, someone told me to call them. But you havemy number. You can call me.

Well I don’t have that much more to say.

Vernon J will return after these messages.

1st Song of the Day

they do what they wanna do, say what they wanna say
Live how they wanna live, play how they wanna play
Dance how they wanna dance, kick and the slap a friend
The Addams family

I’m wearing a suit today.

he does what he wants do, say what he says
Live how he wants to live, play how he wants to play
Dance how he wanna dance at 1000, kick and the slap a friend
The Vernon J family