One Day

Good Morning & Happy Saturday,

One Day you will say something.

Today is Saturday 10/12/V3.4 & it is Grain & Juice kinda day.

Didn’t Snoop Dog have a song about Grain & Juice?

Yesterday was a fun day. Thanks to everyone who made it possible. I hope you have similar people in your life as well.

Let’s see what today holds:

  • Work
  • Church is a 60% possibility
  • Home – I’m planning to watch the Bank of America 500 & listen to the University of Nebraska Omaha Hockey team on the radio.
  • The previous portion of my list is & can be changed. All you gotta do is what you know you gotta do.

The word of the day is promulgate which is to make know by open declaration; publish. Well know that is an interesting word of the day.

I was having a conversation (over facebook) with Sue about people not saying what they really want or need. Well I’m not one of those people who don’t promulgate, I promulgate all the time. I don’t have anything to promulgate right at this moment except for this blog. I hope you promulgate as well.

With all this great technology we have, do you wonder what would happen if we went back a step. None of the important stuff, ie medical life saving devices. But things that we don’t really need, i.e. Cell Phones, Laptops, Cars in (about) every home or family. Would life be simpler? Would life be complicated? Would life be better? Those are the things I think about.

Here’s a picture of a bubbles to distract you from thinking about what I just asked.


BUT I’m being totally serious about that question I asked.

I’m going to make the most of today. I want you to make the most of today. 18 hours and 18 mins to get it done