Designs on the Life

Good Morning & Happy Friday,

Designs of the life of a great day.

Today is Friday 10/11/V3.4 & it is Angela’s Birthday. Wish her a Happy Birthday. Her id on twitter is @ABossk11.

Well the weather check had held up. There was a 94% chance of it not raining during the morning commute. 8 blocks in & 45 left to go. I know a block isn’t a standardized unit of measurement. But that is what we chose to use right now.

The word of the day is snollygoster which is a clever, unscrupulous person.

Yesterday was a Fentastic day for me. How about you?

So I’m listening to Miley Cyrus’s Bangerz (Deluxe Edition); as you know I like Wrecking Ball. Do fat there is only one song I don’t like. It uses too many curse words. I’m not one for that language.

Today will be a fun day! That’s a statement of fact. Team Members are misbehaving themselves from Omaha to parts of North Carolina. But we aren’t breaking any laws, to the best of knowledge. If I ask I’ll know, so I won’t ask.

By time you read this. You’ll know that Omaha’s Team is in action at least four times this weekend. There are 5 contests this weekend, 8 before Monday. I’m seeing at least one, will listen/follow one tomorrow. Now I’ll also be watching the NASCAR race, so be prepared.

That was your official Twitter warning. Okay with that last unseen edit, I’ve corrected my grammer twice in this post. You are welcome or going to correct yours.

Well that’s it for now.

Vernon J is in.