Enough is enough! I have had it

Good Afternoon & Happy Thursday,

I have had it with this laundry, and movies, and taking my hair down.

Today is Thursday 10/10/V3.4 & I know how to do this.

So got today off, did the laundry thing. I’ve watched 2 or 3 movies, caught up on The Morning Blend. You could say that this was a productive day.

Has anyone watched MOM on CBS. It comes on Monday at 2030. It is a show focusing on Mom’s. A Grandma, A Mom, The Grandchild, and the Grandchild who is pregnant . Here is a link to the episode http://www.cbs.com/shows/mom/video/, watch the beginning part. NOW that is the way to ask out a lady.

So now I question what I’ll be doing this evening. The possibilities are endless, cause this is The United States of America. Some people seem to forget that we are in this country. The BEST country in the world, I love my country.

Tomorrow is Friday and the volleyball team is in action. It’ll be my 1st game of the season. Saturday I return to work, church, and NASCAR. NOT going to church on Sunday, it is our 40th Anniversary They are having a big service over in La Vista, I’m not going out there.

The word of the day is annulate which is having rings or ringlike bands.

I didn’t take a nap yet.

There it is.