Quotes from the World for Thursday 08/29/MXIII

Helping children at a level of genuine intellectual inquiry takes imagination on the part of the adult. Even more, it takes the courage to become a resource in unfamiliar areas of knowledge and in ones for which one has no taste. But parents, no less than teachers, must respect a child’s mind and not exploit it for their own vanity or ambition, or to soothe their own anxiety.

Dorothy H. Cohen
Dorothy H. Cohen (20th century), U.S. educator, child development specialist. The Learning Child, “Parent and Child During the Intermediate Years,” (1972).


Good Morning & Happy Thursday,

So Under the Dome is 1,071 pages & that isn’t enough.

Today is Thursday 08/29/V3.4 & it is Game Night in some location that isn’t Omaha.

So I finished reading Stephen King’s Under the Dome and it is 1,071 pages. That doesn’t seem to have been enough though. I walked away having questions, but that is okay. The dome came down because of the kids. They compared it to a kid, his magnifying glass, and ants. The ants have lives too. I also don’t know if you watch the TV Show, but James Rennie does die in the end, Junior dies in the end, all the bad guys die in the end. The book as usually is better than a movie or teevee. I also think this is the BIGGEST book I’ve read from cover to cover. I also paid my $5.00 fine.

The word of the day is bulbous which is bulb-shaped; bulging.

Chapter VIII Article 51in the Charter of the United Nations, also take a read from the a US News Opinion article. I currently don’t support any US-led individual or collation attack on Syria. Also this – State Dept Admits It Doesn’t Know Who Ordered Syria’s Chemical Strike | The Cable.

So I’m hearing that there will be a National ‘Fast Food Strike’ today. If you aren’t working today, this is what you should do. Walk into a restaurant where they are striking and talk to the store manager. Inform them you are ready to work today, then as you leave be like. I just took your job, & I’m Lovin’ It, or whatever said restaurant’s slogan is. There are people willing to work in our nation, and once you agree to work for a company.

Well now that I’ve went on a couple political rants, I’ll bring you the good news.

YUP I’m having burrito’s for dinner tonight. I’m also going to take a nap and do laundry. Probably go get some Ice Cream too. I might go out on the towne and show you what’s up.

Vernon J out.