The most

Good Morning & Happy Thursday,

We are going to give it our most.

Today is Thursday 08/22/V3.4 & it is Lindsey’s Birthday!!!

  • Doing laundry with the most.
  • Eating breakfast with the most.
  • Snapchat’n with the most.
  • Getting shot with the most.
  • Napping with the most.
  • Reading with the most.
  • Taco Riding with the most.

Yesterday was another good day for Team Vernon J.

The word of the day is quincunx which is an arrangement of five objects in a square or rectangle.

So I’m watching Thor right now and doing laundry, cause you know it is Thursday. There is also that whole nap and reading thing I plan to do. I also have a doctor’s appointment to get my B12 shot. I’m going to ask if it is okay if I start donating blood again.

Now that we are done with the majority of our day, I’ll go ahead and finish this blog entry.

I just signed up to help out the Omaha Sports Commission Again. NINE TEAM INTERNATIONAL FIELD SET FOR VISIT OMAHA INTERNATIONAL VOLLEYBALL CHAMPIONSHIPS « The Omaha Sports Commission You should help and signup to volunteer.

Tonight we are going on the Taco Ride and Jennifer sent me the best picture EVER!

She said The Weather Channel is Drunk
She said The Weather Channel is Drunk

I can neither confirm nor deny if The Weather Channel is drunk. BUT Stephanie was drunk last night. Hopefully she isn’t drunk at this hour.

You can’t possible be drunk 10 hours after closing time, OR can you?

Well after my doctor’s appointment I plan to go to the store. Contray to what my other weather people told me, it was raining. Okay to be honest no one told me it was going to rain. I was sleeping.

Well that’s it for now.

Vernon J out.