Quotes from the World for Tuesday 08/20/MXIII

We all come from our own little planets. That’s why we’re all different. That’s what makes life interesting.

Robert E. Sherwood
Robert E. Sherwood (1896–1955), U.S. screenwriter, and Leonardo Bercovici. Henry Koster. Dudley (Cary Grant), The Bishop’s Wife, speaking to the Professor and Mrs. Brougham (1947).

From the novel by Robert Nathan.

Dumb Enough

Good Morning & Happy Tuesday,

Are you Dumb Enough to do it?

Today is Tuesday 08/20/V3.4 & it is better than nothing.

Gee Golly there was a FULL Moon today. It looked great, I’ll post some photos to my photo blog.

A nice ride in today.

The word of the day is psaltery which is an ancient musical instrument consisiting of a flat box with strings which are plucked.

So in a world where you wet clean the carpet, wouldn’t you vacuum? I know I would.

So what shall Team Vernon J do today?