My Evening Report

Good Evening & Happy Sunday Eve.

Well let’s start with the important stuff. Saturday was a Good Day.

So I saw this picture at No Frills & I’ve looked at a map of AK (which is Alaska the 49th State).

Well I Know a few things
Well I Know a few things

Where is this Springdale, AK at? IF you can find it, please let me know?

So just because they do a comparative marketing presentation. That doesn’t mean it is the truth. You have to do your own research.

Okay, that is my complete and finished My Evening Report.

Bible Verse

Dear Lord, thank You for providing, though the community of YOur Body, focus for our journey of life. Bring us into that fellowship as often as possible, and create in us clean hearts. #Amen. #AMP

Anything I Want

Good Morning & Happy Saturday,

Anything I Want, I can do today.

Today is Saturday 08/17/V3.4 it is helpful hint day.

What I want to do today is go to work, then maybe to church, then relax.

I did have a GREAT Friday yesterday. Lots of fun was had, I walked 8.13 KM’s with a friend of mines. You can see pictures right here Photos from Friday 08/16/V3.4 | Photographs by Vernon J. Imagine the fun you could have with me.

Always accepting new members to Team Vernon J. The application process is simple, you just have to hang out with me. IF I like you & you like me, you’ll be on the team. IF I really  like you & you really like me. YOU could be the Number 1 member. As that position is currently open.

The word of the day is espousal which is adoption or advocacy, as of a cause or principle.

So what are you looking forward to this Saturday?

Tomorrow is the 94th Annual St. Stanislaus Polish Festival, all the event details are on that page I just linked to. CLICK THE LINK, CLICK THE LINK, PLEASE CLICK THE LINK!!! I’ll be at the Polish Festival.

Well that’s it for now. Vernon J out.