What’s in a Thing?

Good Morning & Happy Monday,

What’s in a thing, what’s in that thing, what’s that thing?

Today is Tuesday 08/06/V3.4 & I might do something crazy today.

The Wolverine is showing at 1555 today & I just might go see it. That’s the crazy part about it. There’s also a 51% chance I won’t go see it. At this point we could go either way.

Today will be a 1 star weather day.
Today will be a 3 star weather day.
Today will be a 5 star weather day.

How many times have we heard a subjective term try to quantify something. What is the maximum number of starts. If there are 34 stars totally, that’s not such a good day is it?

So why do we do this to our selves. Isn’t life good enough?

So the US Department of State has requested non-essential personnel leave Yemen. Why don’t we just pull all of our personnel out of this unstable countries. When I was growing up & I didn’t play nice with my brothers & sisters. The parental units separated us, we probably should do the same.

The word of the day isĀ eyetooth which is a canine tooth of the upper jaw.

So more on the hashtag #ASpoon, a spoon isn’t a unit of measurement. Cause a spoon can hold 10 ml, 20 ml, 30ml, any amount from a fraction of a ml to several l’s of an item.

So what’s new with you?