My Report

Good Evening & Happy pre-Sunday


Good Afternoon & How was your Saturday?

I can’t decide what the appropriate salutation is. I’ve been off work for 3.104 hours. I’ve sat on my butt, I’ve washed dishes, I went and got a $7 alarm clock. Me and my neighbor went for a walk.

At the end of the day I will have had no less than III delicious cookies. Maybe some Ice Cream, I just can’t decide. NOT that I have to  decide. This is The United States in America and no where in the Constitution does it say I have to decide anything to do with my dessert.

The word of the day is spigot which is a small peg or plug for stopping the vent of a cask. I always thought a spigot let water come out.

My friend posted this picture on facebook,

Someone's Hiring.
1 in 6 Don’t Have Any Job.

I commented that I worked at McDonald’s when I was in my senior year of High School. I don’t know if that is a ‘good’ job or not. BUT it was a good  enough job to pay my rent, phone bill, and get me back/forth to work and school.Visit Careers :: or Taco Bell® | Careers And Caring Culture Visit today.

If you are 1 of those 6 without a job. $7.25 an hour is better than $0.00 an hour. You don’t need to math major to figure that one out. A job is a job that pays. It may not be a career, but then a ball isn’t a square either.

So I had a good day yesterday, I made Ice Cream Sandwiches. I didn’t make the Ice Cream, but the Sandwich part. They were really nice cookies.

From Susannah & Susannah’s sister there are apparently Cicada Killer Wasps and Susannah isn’t going outside anymore.

Well if there is anything you want me to know about. Just go ahead and leave your comments below.

Did you know Forrest Whitaker directed Hope Floats, First Daughter, Black Jaq, Waiting to Exhale, and Strapped.



Good Morning & Happy Saturday,

My alarm/phone froze at 0339 this morning. If it could’ve made it  just % IV more minutes.

Today is Saturday 08/03/V3.4 & it is a Halloweeney kinda day.

I work up at 0609, it wasn’t dark out so I knew I was behind schedule. But as I shower, make my lunch, & put my clothes in my saddle bags ths night before. It IS okay. I was working by 0632.

Well I have IV kind on lunch left.

More later …