Believe in Magic

Good Morning & Happy Wednesday,

So I’m watching The Big Bang Theory and Howard yells … Believe in Magic, you Muggle.

Today is Wednesday 07/31/V3.4 & it is Candace and Adam’s Birthday!!!

So yesterday was a good day, work, home, bike shop, grocery store, made soup, cleaned up the living area.

I expect the same of today, so you have your orders.

Magic can what you want/need it to be. I needed magic yesterday when my peddle was coming loose yesterday. I went to the store and got it all taken care of, I met someone from the Omaha Public Library. She handles the summer reading program, which I joined. You can join too by visiting Summer Reading Program 2013.

The word of the day is residuum which is the residue, remainder, or rest of something.

More later on The Official Blog of Vernon J.