Quotes from the World for Monday 07/29/MMXIII

It has been years since I have seen anyone who could even look as if he were in love. No one’s face lights up any more except for political conversation.

Margaret Anderson
Margaret Anderson (1886–1973), U.S. editor and memoirist. The Fiery Fountains, part 1 (1951).

Blending Day

Good Morning & Happy Monday,

Today we get to blend two separate items.

Today is Monday 07/29/V3.4 & I ain’t got much on my chest.

Today I will blend fresh fruit into my yougurt & I will also blend my 85%+ fruit smoothie. The 15% accounts for the water from the juice. I don’t actually know what the percentage of water is, but I’m giving it 0 to 15%.

YES it is Morning, even if you haven’t been to bed yet Tam. It is like this song says “I can be in LOVE with you WITHOUT you. No I don’t love Tam, but my co-worker did say ‘I hate you’. I responded in kindness I know you love me.

I think this is the song. It could not be.

I love do a google search and turning up in the search results. Those results are good.

Yesterday I finished reading The Death Relic by Chris Kuzneski. Chris Kuzneski – The Death Relic I’m going to try to keep a list of books that I’ve read. See people will be able to see this list. Me and Jim had a conversation last night, about another list that people should NEVER ever see. I’ve read Open SeasonSavage Run by CJ Box.

The word of the day is coaptation which is a joining or adjustment of pants to one another. Who would want to do that?

Well it is a self-imposed time to stop blogging. Gotta get dressed and stuff.

Make it a GREAT Day!