Blending Day

Good Morning & Happy Monday,

Today we get to blend two separate items.

Today is Monday 07/29/V3.4 & I ain’t got much on my chest.

Today I will blend fresh fruit into my yougurt & I will also blend my 85%+ fruit smoothie. The 15% accounts for the water from the juice. I don’t actually know what the percentage of water is, but I’m giving it 0 to 15%.

YES it is Morning, even if you haven’t been to bed yet Tam. It is like this song says “I can be in LOVE with you WITHOUT you. No I don’t love Tam, but my co-worker did say ‘I hate you’. I responded in kindness I know you love me.

I think this is the song. It could not be.

I love do a google search and turning up in the search results. Those results are good.

Yesterday I finished reading The Death Relic by Chris Kuzneski. Chris Kuzneski – The Death Relic I’m going to try to keep a list of books that I’ve read. See people will be able to see this list. Me and Jim had a conversation last night, about another list that people should NEVER ever see. I’ve read Open SeasonSavage Run by CJ Box.

The word of the day is coaptation which is a joining or adjustment of pants to one another. Who would want to do that?

Well it is a self-imposed time to stop blogging. Gotta get dressed and stuff.

Make it a GREAT Day!