Very Eccentric Robust Nimble Octopus Ninnies

Good Morning & Happy Monday,

I had my Eureka Moment, I invented an auto bedmaker.

Today is Saturday 07/27/V3.4 & I don’t have my bus pants on.

What’s going on today?

What did you do last night?

That’s all I really have, it is 4 in the morning after all.

I had a good day yesterday, went to Village Inn and had the Ultimate Skillet Breakfast. We then went to the zoo and you can see the pictures here. Photos from Friday 07/26/V3.4 | Photographs by Vernon J As you can see I’ve changed my picture to a bunny. I don’t know if bunny says summer. BUT for now it will work, because it is summer.

The word of the day is additament which is something added; an addition.

So tomorrow we start our work days at 0600 which means we end our work days at 1430. Does someone want to write me an algorithm for something? I don’t know what I want it to do and I don’t know what to do it for. BUT you have your request, no go and make haste.

This picture came out nice, The Alligator is coming it was taken in near complete darkness.It must be my good camera or something. Rocking it like a boss.

So that’s it for now.