My Report

Good Afternoon!

So let’s run down Vernon J’s schedule for the rest of the evening.

  • 1630 – Wash Dishes
  • 1700 or after washing dishes Start making dinner.
  • 1730 or after making dinner eat dinner
  • After dinner, relax, go on a walk with my neighbor.
  • 2000 get ready for bed
  • 2100 Go to bed.

For dinner I’m having a bratwurst/turkey burger combination, Some pasta with Red Sauce, Alfredo, or Parmesan sauce. I’ve got tomato and romaine for my burger. I don’t think I need a saladid, but don’t pressure me.

What are you doing?



2013-07-26 17.57.48

I nailed IT

Good Morning & Happy #FNP!

You know I think coffee stunts your growth.

Today is Friday 07/26/V3.4 & it is going to be a b-e-u-tiful day in Omaha.

So I commented that I gave up coffee so I could grow into the man she needs me to be. I totally nailed IT!!! Pretty proud of it & you know how I’m not a proud person. I am very calm and quiet when it comes to my accomplishments. <— I totally got that out without smiling.

So today I am going to the Zoo & Village Inn. Which one will be wilder?

The word of the day is cyclopean which is gigantic; vast.

Yesterday was a good day, I got all the laundry done. I went to the doctor and I was under my ideal weight. NOW this is MY ideal weight not people who are trained medical professional who actually know stuff.

I got a nap in after laundry, before the doctor, and after the doctor. This is where I was confused if I took II or III, but it was totally worth it. I watched Big Daddy and X-Men Origins: Wolverine.

Contrary to what you read on the internet (I put it there), there was nothing unsavory happening in Dundee between 0200 & 0400.  You just can’t believe anything you read on the internet.

I read a post from a newscaster on the internet, they were talking about how Lo Sole Mio is being audited by the City of Omaha. Well after reading the story it appears that there are ten audits a week or so. So the City is doing the job it is suppose to do, as the Lo Sole Mio has a permit of occupancy they are required to follow these rules.

As I was preparing this post, another news outlet posted on twitter the correct way. That’s how it is done.

I also accidentally mark the Spam message folder as NOT spam. Right here on this couch.

Vernon J out.

Quotes from the World for Friday 07/26/MMXIII

Despite your best efforts, you could not invent a better police force for literature than criticism and the author’s own conscience.

Anton Pavlovich Chekhov
Anton Pavlovich Chekhov (1860–1904), Russian author, playwright. Letter, January 14, 1887, to M.V. Kiseleva. Complete Works and Letters in Thirty Volumes, Letters, vol. 2, p. 12, “Nauka” (1976).