Do the Run

Good Morning & Happy Thursday,

Do the run to the fridge.

Today is Thursday 07/25/V3.4 & it is Jennifer Fulcher & Kristen Uhlig’s Birthday.

Well so we’ve started the laundry process. We are in the dryer and in the washer.

I don’t know what I shall blog about. BUT this qualifies as my 2nd entry of the day.

The word of the day is dispositive which is involving or affecting disposition or settlement.

I don’t know if I’ll take a nap before or after my doctor’s appointment. It is at 14.30, but there shall be a nap.

So Jones Bros. Cupcakes readies second #Omaha location. An additional 20 jobs in our city. The economy is strong, I’m happy to see them expand in our market.

Well that’s it, I guess I’ll eat breakfast or something.


My Evening Report

Good Evening & Happy Thursday!

I have a doctor’s appointment today.

I will do laundry today.

I’m reading a book.

I will laugh today.

That is all!