Massive Undertaking

Good Morning & Happy Wednesday,

We have a massive undertaking underway.

Today is Wednesday 07/24/V3.4 and I’m NOT jealous of Leonard.

An American Breakfast

So what’s going on today?

It was pointed out yesterday, via a voicemail that I lied on my blog and I know it. I had a neighborhood meeting and none of my friends or members of Team Vernon J didn’t want to go at 17.00. So if you went to Crescent Moon Alehouse and expected to see me, I’m sorry that you couldn’t see me.

If you were previously made aware of my lack ability to come to Crescent Moon Alehouse and had specific instructions about how I could be there. That’s on you, brother of Katie & Susie. 

The word of the day is grammatology which is the scientific study of systems of writing.

So the President of Omaha Firefighter Union is suing the City, again. You can visit your favorite local news source or legal digest. I’d like to share with you KMTV Action 3 News report on the issue. Firefighter Union Sues City, Mayor –, but I can tell you that Steve (it’s probably Steven). They include the entire document is included on the website, for you to read. After reading the lawsuit and in my opinion, I think the City of Omaha will stand strong in this lawsuit. Of course I’d imagine that it will be very complicated and won’t be resolved to the satisfaction of the suing party. I’m not a lawyer and if you take this as sound legal advice, you’re not as smart as a fifth grader.