Quotes from the World for Tuesday 07/23/MMXIII

History is not a book, arbitrarily divided into chapters, or a drama chopped into separate acts: it has flowed forward. Rome is a continuity, called “eternal.” What has accumulated in this place acts on everyone, day and night, like an extra climate.

Elizabeth Bowen
Elizabeth Bowen (1899–1973), British author; born in Ireland. A Time in Rome, ch. 1 (1960).

A 240 or 270 would be fine

Good Morning & Happy Tuesday,

A 240 or 270 would’ve been fine, but I did a 360.

Today is Tuesday 07/23/V3.4 & you can’t fool me.

Aaahhhhh it smells like Pork. That’s because I put the roast on last night. Like a boss who does it well.

So we are going to work today and then home. I’ve made plans to go The Crescent Moon Alehouse to make Origami. I was going to make some Friday, but I forgot how. Sometimes I talk a big game. It is like the Rubik’s Cube multiple years ago.

BTW Thanks Dustin for being all awkward, that’s so awesome of you.

The word of the day is sidle which is to move sideways or obliquely.

That’s all for now, stay tuned to Vernon-J.com for all the important early & late breaking news.