My Evening Report

Good Evening & Happy Tuesday Eve.

I’ll be firing up the crock-pot tonight before bed. See if I was married (or had a roommate), they could start the pot at #HighNoon. But alas I don’t.

imageSo now that I have dinner figured out for tomorrow, LIKE A BOSS! What else shall I do tonight?

  • I could make my lunch
  • I could clean up my living room
  • I could go for an hour walk or so.

What are you doing the rest of the night?

Let me know & I’m glad you’ll be happy to share.

Vernon J out.

P.S. Thanks for all you do to make the world a better place.


I’ll be biking in

We are Vernon J News
We are Vernon J News


We have breaking news as we anticipated. Vernon J didn’t pay attention to the news & will be biking into work.

Ahhh, NO Bread

Good Morning & Happy Monday,

So I’ve been to 2 grocery stores in 2 days.

Today is Monday 07/22/V3.4 & how did you do on your quiz today?

So I didn’t get bread, I got this really nice bread from No Frills. Baker’s & Wohlner’s didn’t have it. So I didn’t get any bread, that translates to not making lunch before I leave home.

It is suppose to rain today, the highest peak is between 0500 & 0700. So I have to decide, do I take the bus in or ride  in to work. I enjoy riding in to work, it is SO MUCH FUN! You’ll know right here what I decide to do. I’m going to be watching KMTV Action 3 News today from 0500 to 0525 for the weather on the 3’s. Hopefully the news part won’t turn me off.

The word of the day is quillet which is a subtlety or quibble.

So I don’t have ANYTHING to do today. Excluding what I’ve already mentioned. I’m okay with that. Tomorrow I have a meeting that will take awhile, I just hope it doesn’t take longer then it should. BUT we’ll be alright.

What are you doing today & tomorrow?

Vernon J