So much work

Good Morning & Happy Saturday,

So I have a package of Starburst (r) that is 396.9 g’s

Today is Saturday 07/20/V3.4 & we’ve been planning this for over 2 weeks, let’s see how committed she actually is.

So back to the Starburst, would it have been too much to ask to make it 400 grams? Also each one of those approximately LXXX pieces is individually wrapped.  Which means to eat them, I have to unwrap them. We have a First World Problem, how can we solve this?

The word of the day is bushwa which is rubbishy nonsense; baloney; bull.

So work, church, and Billy Froggs. My co-worker Bertha said she didn’t have any friends, so we discussed going out to get her some new friends. It is an arranged meeting, at a time and place. Good Story about that.

It isn’t a date, it is an arranged meeting at a time and place. The other person has a boyfriend, that is why it is that complicated sentence. Lauren has a boyfriend, or something like that. We are meeting at her place of employment, no big deal.

Well I’m out right now, make it a GREAT Saturday!!!