3rd Weekend of July MMXIII

Good Morning & Happy Thursday,

We are officially underway for the 3rd Weekend of July MMXIII

Today is Thursday 07/18/V3.4 & I shall volunteer today.

So I got up this morning about 06.00 & with no alarm. My alarm was set for 06.40 or 07.20. I honestly don’t remember. The normal alarm was still set for 07.28. But I didn’t need it.

I did some stuff on the internet and some more stuff. I sent some text messages. No calls today, wonder who would like a call from me today.

image That is 247 days of bed making in a row. I’m on a streak, aren’t you so proud of me? Can I get a wha-wha

The word of the day is poetaster which is an inferior poet; a writer of indifferent verse. 

As I was waiting for the bus, two more bike & Ride came along. There was II of them, we all had choices to make. They decided to make it another way. Thanks to my ‘not so fast’ out the attitude. I could’ve/should’ve caught the earlier bus. OH WELL!

Well that’s it for now.

Vernon J out!