I should be, not …

Good Morning & Happy Monday,

I should be sleeping, not dreaming of you.

Today is Monday 07/15/V3.4 & it is time to return to work.

Today is Day III for me, but I’m only work IV out of V days today. I had yesterday off, but today still counts as Day III for me. It is HUMPDAY!

Girls don’t count Klingon as a language. What’s wrong with them? Absolutely¬†nothing, if you ask me.

Today Ghostbusters is playing at Midtown Crossing, that means you won’t be getting a live report of the OPS School Board meeting. I think you’ll be fine, if you do want to go. The meeting starts at 06.30 at the Teacher Administrative Center. Technically I guess I still could go, but then I’d be rushing this afternoon. We’ll see how it goes.

The word of the day is fribble to act in a foolish or frivolous manner; trifle.

Make it a GREAT day!

Vernon J out.