no Entry Yesterday

Good Morning & Happy Saturday,

I didn’t post an entry yesterday, cause I had a good time on Thursday/Friday day change.

Today is Saturday 07/13/V3.4 and it is shiny, nice, and polished.

I was going to do my week in review, it was going to include this graphic. Untitled 2 the post was going to be centered around this. Cause that is how my week was.

Well we have work and church today. I’m off tomorrow, it is Brandon’s Baby Birthday Bash, but that’s not why I took the day off.

Me, Jennifer, Mark, and others are doing the OWL ride today. That doesn’t start until 22.00 and it would be a ‘long day’ if I went out. NOT that that didn’t happen last week, but why risk it when you can plan properly and not be subject o stupidity.

The word of the day is sisyphean which is endless and unavailing, as labor or a task.

Well make it a GREAT day, no promises but there may be more to come.