An invitation

Good Morning & Happy Thursday,

Here is an invitation to join the fun.

Today is Thursday 07/11/V3.4 & it is 5 to 10 mins to asses it.

So we are starting with the ole laundry routine. I need to wash dishes and stuff like that.

We are doing the taco ride and you are free to join us.

So last night was #Interesting, we had fun at Saint’s Pub + Patio. It would’ve been more fun if more people had came, not sure if I am going to make this a weekly thing. Part of the fun of Karaoke is the crowd. The number of singers/patrons should outnumber the servers.

Then I came home and well that was awesome.

As I told Alan


The word fo the day is accrete is to grow together; adhere.

well that is it for now.