My Report

Good Afternoon & Happy Tuesday,

How is everyone’s day?

YES I do ACTUALLY want to hear about your day.

I’m about to tell you about my day.

Vernon J – Fair & Balanced.

I’m 170.18 CM’s tall. I AM, the cashier even confirmed it.

I was on Lunch and my co-worker hadn’t started working yet. We started talking and she asked how tall I was. As per my normal legitamate response. I’m 170.18 CM’s, she was like, NO YOU’RE NOT! I am and she can’t prove that I’m not She is 157.48 CM’s

So she asked the cashier how tall I was. She said he’s 170.18 CM’s. That was an LOL moment.

I also got a compliment about assisting on the terminal. He said if he called back he would want to talk to me. YEAH!!

So now I’m home watching an KMTV Action 3 News story on people getting their wheels stolen. I just sorta have to laugh. The guy has insurance so they are covered. It is a terrible situation, but it is totally okay.

So now I get to eat dinner and do what I want. That’s a story I can live with.

Quotes from the World for Tuesday 07/09/MMXIII

Do what you can to do what you ought, and leave hoping and fearing alone.

Thomas Henry Huxley
Thomas Henry Huxley (1825–95), British biologist and educator. Reflection #100, Aphorisms and Reflections, selected by Henrietta A. Huxley, Macmillan (London, 1907).

Done with 32/43

Good Morning & Happy Tuesday!

When the day is done, I will have worked at least 32 of my 43 hours.

Today is Tuesday 07/09/V3.4 & we are 11 months away from my Birthday.

So yesterday was a good day.

We are going to do some grocery shoppy after work today. Then we get into the coulds, all the stuff I could do. Which is greater than the stuff I will do.

I am Number 1 today. I left my badge in my pants, so I’m visitor number 1.

The word of the day is layette, which is an outfit if clothing, bedding, etc., for a newborn baby.

What are you doing today?

The Omaha City Council meeting is today at 14.00. It is open to the public. If you’re not working or doing other things, stop by & be engaged.

That’s our for now.