My bose

Good Morning & Happy Monday,

I need to check my nose for boogers, but I called it my bose. It’s a contraction.

Today is Sunday 07/08/V3.4 7 it is a simply better living day.

Earlier I posted about not finding out about the shootings in Omaha until about 12.48. This could’ve happened for III reasons.

  1. When I left home during the 05.00 they hadn’t happen yet (KMTV Action 3 news kinda confirmed they didn’t happen overnight. They happened at the earliest at 03.00)
  2. There are no local news shows at 05.00,
  3. WOWT and KETV blocked me on twitter and reported it.

You see how none of those are really Vernon J issues. Thanks Rebekah for posting on twitter so I know what going on. Also on a completely related side note, the CBS Earliest morning news commercials suck.

Side Note II: Sometimes not watching the news isn’t really an issue. The good things outweigh the bad things, I’d like to focus my energies on those good things. I made Crispy Rice Treats yesterday, and if the right amount of people came to work this morning. I just might share with them, I’m only transporting III treats, if there are IV or more people there. I get to eat them ALL myself. I’m ‘fair and balanced’, that’s a lie. I’m subject to not being fair when it comes to sharing my food.

The word of the day is edacity which is voraciousness; appetite.

So today I’m gong to the Library, cause that’s how I roll. It appears I’ll be going to the Main Library, seeing how my two neighborhood libraries are closed today.

Okay, it is now 05.11 time to call this an entry.