Oh a piece of @LittleCaesars was waiting at my door. #Restart. 3 things. A. My neighbor likes me, B. My neighbor things I ne *

B. My Neighbors thinks I need to gain weight

C. My neighbors want to silence me with poison.

Experiments & Such

Good Morning & Happy Saturday,

We’d like to do experiments and such on you.

Today is Saturday 07/06/V3.4 & it is a sausage kinda day.

Don’t worry the experiments are for science and such. No I don’t work in the science field or getting an advanced degree in the field. So take that for what’s it is worth.

Well we go back to work today after the end of the week. The weekend still has 18 hours and 58 mins at the present time. We might go out tonight, so be ready for some interesting times. The 2nd day of the weekend wasn’t like it was suppose to be, but that is how it goes. People are People and that’s what I believe.

Everything that I was responsible for went as planned, there was even a bonus. I got smoked ribs, they were delicious. I then finished off my cake and had some Ice Cream. I also lied, but it was only a tiny little white lie. It was to protect the heart of an individual and this one wasn’t Vernon J’s.

So what are you doing tonight?