Oatmeal it is

Good Morning & Happy Friday,

Oatmeal was the ‘main course for my breakfast’

Today is Friday 07/05/V3.3 & our laundry is 3/6ths done. We are doing it the best way we know how.

I had the pleasure of eating oatmeal, bacon, eggs, bagel, and drinking a mug of juice. You may have seen the results on my instagram.

I’m just chillin’ now, waiting for the other two loads to be done. That should be in about 15 mins or so. Subject to them being dry you know. Then I think I’ll take a nap until about 12 or so. Going to get in a bike ride, I don’t know how many km’s I’ll do. BUT we will do it like a boss, cause I am the boss of ME!

The word of the day isĀ blighter which is a chap; bloke.

What do you plan to do today, can I come?

Vernon J out.