Cheese & Bread

So do I go get cheese at Wolhner’s?

So do I get garlic bread at Wolhner’s?

I need to you know get that. I also need to get saladid and some more yogurt. So that means I will be going to Baker’s. You didn’t know that was an option did you?

Yeah, I’m throwing curve balls left & right.

That’s how we do it in these parts.

Violate THE LAW …

Good Morning & Happy Saturday,

I had the top from Our Family Yogurt on the Yoplait Yogurt. I’m sure that violates THE LAW of marketing. BUT what are you going to do?

Today is Saturday 06/29/V3.4 & I’m not afraid.

Back to work today, but the weekend was a blast. I hit my target weight when I went to the doctor yesterday. 88.81 KG’s LIKE A BOSS! I attribute my current weight loss to the additional biking I’m doing this summer season.

So yesterday was a #boom kinda day. After I got done with the medical professionals, it was a bike to the libraries kinda day. I picked up some new reading material. I then came home and finished making the cake that “Tasted good”.

Had some fun at Saint’s Pub + Patio, not to be confused with Parliament Pub. YES they were in the same EXACT location, BUT as anyone knows. Some of the business in Midtown Crossing has turned over since they open. It would be nice if Saint’s Pub + Patio had some TeeVee’s outside. The operating company also has a bar called Mavericks Sports Pub, they should’ve brought that one to Omaha. I’m a little bias, but that would’ve been a another GREAT hangout for fans and members of Omaha’s Team.

The word of the day is vilify which is to speak ill of; defame; slander.

Well that is it for now.

Make it a GREAT day, if you have to work ENJOY it!