My Evening Report

Good Evening & Happy Thursday Eve,

Well my day was like a 8.5/10!!!

It started with a smile & ended with a smile. The only downside of it was beyond my control. BUT it was made whole.

My plan tonight was to rent a movie after work. WELL on my last break my co-worker texted me and asked if could work my shift. Sure, why not?

So with that change of plans it worked out pretty well.

So Upside Down (2012) – IMDb was the movie I was going to rent. I made an online reservation and then went to Baker’s. For some reason the machine didn’t recognize my card. I then went to another location and that Redbox was down that had the movie.

So tomorrow starts the weekend and I’m ready to do this. Announcements – News – Omaha Metro The meeting is at 2222 Cuming St. Omaha, NE 68102. You can catch Route 14 & 4 there, you can also hope on the number 24.

What do you have planned for this weekend?

I’m pretty sure that is it!!

I’m going to the Metro board meeting at 08.30, you can come too. The meeting is at