My Evening Report

Good Evening & Happy Sunday Eve!

A long day today.
A great day today.

Up at 04.13 & still going. I’m not going strong though. * I went to Dawn & Mike’s reception. I have a few photos that I’ll put up tomorrow.

I’m gonna get home; make lunch, shower, post a couple things. Although I can honestly do the posts en route.

Did you know windows 8 phones don’t have black whip either?

*as I was typing this MAF said(well texted) that she was tired. We’ll leave it at that.

Day went as planned, I got a flask & danced with a 6 m.o. he liked me.

Tomorrow in addition to what I already (maybe) posted I’m planning on going to the CWS Fanfest.

I’m pretty sure that’s it.

oh btw.

You sir have on TOO MUCH cologne.
You ma’am smell just right.
Vernon J you look PerFect!