What Alarm?

Good Afternoon & Happy Thursday,

What alarm? Who needs to set an alarm for a day like this?

Today is Thursday 01/31/V3.3 & it is the last day of the first month of MMXII.

I didn’t have to be to work until 15.00, uh 13.30 so last week when I turned my alarm off I so no need to turn it back on.

My supervisior asked me to come in XC mins early today. I’m okay with this, cause Vernon J gets paid by the hour.

Did you know that we are less than two weeks away from Valentine’s Day? Look at the great decorations that are up celebrating this great moment.


Well since the time I got my colored’s washed, my bed & linner made, my breakfast ate. This is with me leaving home II hours early. I’m a rockstar, like I was yesterday. No air guitar though.

The word of the day is jackanapes is an impertinent, presumptuous, person, especially a young man; whippersnapper.  That’s a good word & I like it.

Its been a good week and looking forward to the weekend.

Get off work today, then tomorrow gotta go take care of some Vice-Presidential things.

Creighton Basketball on Saturday with Brandon.

Make it a GREAT weekend!

Twitter – Over capacity

.@galegrainger Gail is Georgia taking your Life, Liberty, and the right to pursue Happiness with their 6% PIT. Amtrak leaves at 19.38 from Savannah, You sound like someone who has traversed the Talmadge Memorial Bridge. (Just making up stuff at this point)

.@willowfrantn Wait, what time is it where you are? #Bragging

I’m doing research for a twitter post. #Bragging