Sum It UP

Good Morning & Happy Wednesday,

It is currently 09.48, that means 9 hours & 48 minutes into my 12,289th day.

Today is Wednesday 01/30/V3.3 & we got snow.

I’m sitting here watching The Morning Blend with Mary, a Guy(Mary said Steve would be back Friday, so I’m guessing that was Steve), & Kayla’s Wednesday Website. It is, but they don’t provide services in Omaha. I question that one.

So yesterday Michelle of KMTV – Action 3 News reported on a guy who tried to kidnap someone. Council Bluffs Kidnapping Suspect Has First Court Appearance. Now the story has a happy ending for the child and her family.

Now I’m no legal eagle or ANYTHING & I don’t claim to be. The guy is charged with 4 felonies, I did a little searching at some website. (a website that I’m too lazy too search again). BUT this criminals bond was set at $50,000, and if my knowledge is correct this guy could be out with a payment of $5,000. NOW we currently don’t know if the 4th felony would’ve been committed, but the other 3 he is guilty of.

I know he hasn’t had a trial yet, and everyone is innocent until proven guilty by a jury of his peers. Maybe everyone in Iowa county will read this and be prejudice and he won’t ever get a jury trial. Just plead guilty on Thursday 02/07/V3.3, it’ll save us money & time.

I can’t believe that the bail was just that much, when I heard that I was shocked. Pretty disappointed in that portion of this issue right now.

The word of the day is wellaway used to express sorrow.

I think that’s it FOR NOW!

Vernon J on pause.