Spin the Truth or Dare

Good Morning & Happy FNP,

Do the British play Truth or Dare with a bottle?

Today is Friday 01/25/V3.3 & it is decorating time.

#Omaha2013 is a great event for Omaha. Just like the swim trials were. Good Luck to Boston & Greensboro as they recruit volunteers, sell tickets, and prepare a show for the world to watch.

So a guy gets a “driving while ability impaired” charge in Colorado. He has 2 DUI’s in Nebraska. He gets pulled over a fourth time in Nebraska. Apparently the Nebraska Supreme Court said because it was a DWAI, it can’t count in his DUI record. The guy is AN idiot & should serve his full jail term & revocation of his driving privileges.

I’m currently on my way to work. I’ll be done in 8 hrs & 56 mins.

Yes this is now an afternoon post. You’re welcome.

Make it a GREAT Day!