Spin the Truth or Dare

Good Morning & Happy FNP,

Do the British play Truth or Dare with a bottle?

Today is Friday 01/25/V3.3 & it is decorating time.

#Omaha2013 is a great event for Omaha. Just like the swim trials were. Good Luck to Boston & Greensboro as they recruit volunteers, sell tickets, and prepare a show for the world to watch.

So a guy gets a “driving while ability impaired” charge in Colorado. He has 2 DUI’s in Nebraska. He gets pulled over a fourth time in Nebraska. Apparently the Nebraska Supreme Court said because it was a DWAI, it can’t count in his DUI record. The guy is AN idiot & should serve his full jail term & revocation of his driving privileges.

I’m currently on my way to work. I’ll be done in 8 hrs & 56 mins.

Yes this is now an afternoon post. You’re welcome.

Make it a GREAT Day!

Quotes from the World for Friday 01/25/MMXIII

When we understand that man is the only animal who must create meaning, who must open a wedge into neutral nature, we already understand the essence of love. Love is the problem of an animal who must find life, create a dialogue with nature in order to experience his own being.

Ernest Becker
Ernest Becker (1924–1974), U.S. psychologist, cultural anthropologist. “A Brief Ontology of Love,” pt. 2, ch. 9, The Structure of Evil (1968).