Quotes from the World for Tuesday 01/22/MMXIII

I defied nothing at all. I ignored the law because I didn’t know it existed. It didn’t occur to me that anyone would want to curb my inspiration.

Margaret Anderson
Margaret Anderson (1886–1973), U.S. editor and memoirist. The Strange Necessity, part 1 (1969).

For several months in the teens of the century, Anderson and a small entourage connected with The Little Review (1914–1929), an important but unremunerative arts magazine that she had founded, set up five tents on a public beach along Lake Michigan north of Chicago. They could not afford rent and had dedicated themselves to spending what little money they had on publishing the magazine. Upon its being pointed out to her later that she had “defied the law” by living on the beach, she said this.

Really Disgusting

Good Morning & Happy Tuesday,

The product that has barcode 0-18627-03203-8 isn’t that tasty. I won’t say any names, but you can research it.

Today is Tuesday 01/22/V3.3 and it was update day.

I updated my resume for the quarter. Have you updated your resume for the quarter or last? Speaking of quarters I owe you a quarterly update. I posted my last one on Monday 10/29/V3.3 so I have until Tuesday 01/29/V3.3 to post said update.

Come at me SEC about my quarterly reports.

The word of the day is gorgonize which is to affect as a Gorgon; hypnotize; petrify.

So I got my 1st of several B12 shots today. It was in my arm as where my last shot wasn’t in my arm.

I need to fix my dinner & lunch.

So that’s it for now.