My Evening Report

Good Evening & Happy Tuesday-Eve,

So after my 2nd break me & my team manager reviewed a call. The quality assurance people reviewed the call & deducted points for saying, we’re gonna get this card shutdown & get you a new one. That’s in the script, we decided to dispute it.

That’s a high point!

Walking on the sidewalk & hitting a tree branch. wpid-20130121221625811.jpgCan you homeowners & business owners please trim your trees so this doesn’t happen again. It can’t be that hard to figure out that it is low-hanging & over the sidewalk.

That’s a low point!

BUT on to better things tomorrow, which starts in XXXVI mins. Tuesday 01/22/V3.3 is coming.

I’m starting it with a doctor’s appointment. The fourth one in just as many weeks. Well what questions should I ask.

I finished reading A Texan’s Honor Book II in The Heart of a Hero series. Book III isn’t at Omaha Public Library, so that means I need to buy it via my nook or have it lended to me. Apparently there is a site available for people like me. YEAH for the internet.

Have a Good Day!!!

For a little while

Good Morning & Happy Monday,

Don’t you wish for a little while, you could do a, b, or c?

Today is Monday 01/21/V3.3 & it is a NOT if you don’t get caught kinda day.

Why wish what you could do, when you could just do it?

I didn’t have to make breakfast this morning, someone did for me. NOW that’s a good idea.

The word of the day is allocution which is a formal speech, especially one of an incontrovertible or hortatory nature.

So today we have work & than home.

Make it a great day!!!!